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Friday, September 28, 2012

Abj loving, Abuja living

Hey all, welcome to the blog. So today I was up on twitter moaning of how much I miss Abuja, I tweeted that there should be a blog on everything Abuja. Well I got tweets from two lovely friends asking me to start a blog. Well the best person to give you what you want is you and so I decided to take their advice. I am so far away from home and I find my self missing home everyday and I usually go on the net in search of everything Abuja and sometimes I am lucky to find something, most times I am not so lucky. Oh well I have started the blog now oh, so please it is up to you all to give me content for it. Please feel free to send in you contributions, send in any topic you can think of on Abuja, I am always hungry for all things Abuja as I am sure most Abujans in diaspora...  Oh and pictures would be great too.
BTW I think we should get a cool name for ourselves, Abujans sounds too Bleh......


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