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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


By Kema Ufelle-Smith

His failing sense of historical recollections has once again caught up with him on this piece. But keeping touch with continence, he’d avoid an attempt into the stories-past of the subject of thought – the fore-bears of ancient civilisation, Egypt. 
Although snooper finds Egyptian tales a bit over-exaggerated, our common proclivity for Egyptian folklores is by no means disputed. Much to snooper’s chagrin, they have succeeded in deeply ingraining their history in the age of modern-day scholastic elites, where men of straw are known by their uncanny ignorance of both pre and post human civilisation lores.
Growing up in a family of an intellectual extraction ordinarily inundated snooper with a daily load of unsolicited data dose on their impavid conquests, fulgent innovations, crass resilience and crude intelligence. The wealth of pride stocked on their shores was simply beyond inundating. They rightly laid claims to the very cradle of civilisation itself: a feat insurmountable by the most dazzling present age inventions.
History, it seems, becomes juxtaposed by the present day realities of the then seemingly fecund crop. Their boastful swords have come home to shelve, and in an ostensible bid to feed our lustful ear-drums with fresh history, have turned against each other. 

The once peaceful shores have now morphed into a geos steeped in a self destructive spree. The aura of discontent, uncertainty and brooding miffs have pervaded the very landscapes in which historical recollections once took pride. Their collective patrimonial largesse have been coalesced and indeed reduced into a fast crumbling system of wanton greed, partisan bickering, din of insatiable political appetites and lack of probity often associated with post-colonial African states.
Isolating a middle-eastern state with the same indices as does have the present day Egypt, might not beat the ear as an oddity. However, given their hegemony of yester years, a stark paradox of sorts stares an un-officious bystander in the face. A state adorned by the peace often associated with a dreamlike touch with deep historical wealth has been transformed into an unstable hapless contraption laden with an endless streak of social upheavals. 

As snooper sat over a hot keg of freshly tapped palm wine, a deluge of unanswered questions found their way in: is the Egyptian mêlée an archetypal African problem? Is there in fact a force majeure to be blamed for post-colonial African snail paced and often retrogressively patterned growth? Wherein may lie our hope as our dear iroko has fallen? 

Kema Ufelle-Smith is a lawyer and is based in Abuja

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