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Monday, December 24, 2012

Young and In Charge: Mercy Akoji

When I thought of who I was going to interview for Young and in Charge for today, the first person that came to mind was Mercy. Fresh out of a fashion show, she must have a lot to share with us, so why not share it with you  guys too. Mercy was a classmate and I remember back in Uni, I used to admire most of her outfits, she made white and black look so cool. Now I know the secret, with a needle and some materials she was able to turn heads, imagine what she would be capable of with proper fashion designer instruments, you would have to find that out for yourself.

Tell us a little about yourself? 
I'm Mercy Akoji, from Kogi State, Nigeria, from a family of eight. I'm a peace lover and a conservative person, an introvert as some may like to say, I quite disagree with them on that.

What was growing up like? 
I'm a middle child, the third of six kids, with three sisters and two brothers. Summarily, My Childhood was simply blissful! Teenage years were tough because I tried to hold on fiercely to my euphoric childhood LOL. However being grown up is awesome because I know how to balance it all now. :)

Tell us a little about your educational background?
I attended Command Children School, Dantuku, Kaduna for my Nursery n Primary education, I attended four different secondary schools, see why I said my teenage years were tough? I eventually completed my Senior Secondary School at Imperial School Kudenda, Kaduna. My tertiary education was at yours truly ;), Unibuja, where I studied Law from 2004 to 2010. I proceeded to the Nigerian Law School in the same year and I was called to d bar in 2011, so hey I'm a lawyer! I also attended a fashion school, One Stop Celebration, Ikeja, for six weeks. And that’s it, so far, so good.

So what is Mull Apparel all about? What does it mean and how did the name come about? 
Mulls apparel Design (M.A.D) is an infant fashion business, born early this year, we design trendy female outfits and accessories. It ranges from your comfortable casual to high street. Mulls apparel creations are labelled M.A.D. So far we have made clothes only on the customer's order and description, but from 2013 MAD clothes will be bought off the racks also, by God's grace.

How did you get into it? 
It all became clear to me in 2007. By then I was already in my third year in the university, so I decided to finish what I already started before I focus on fashion. Fashion is my first love and I follow up trend like its a religion and that is how I landed here.  When I had limited resources I'd convert old pieces to stay in vogue, friends required I do same for them and that was how it started.

What is your typical day like?
I take everyday as it comes. Some days I wake up with so much fire and on other days I'm low, while other times I wake up with this bright idea and every other thing is suspended, LOL. But usually I start with cutting up yards of fabrics and I end with delivery.

What do you love most about you what you do? 
Creation, creating something out of nothing. And the fact that u can actually predict trends or even set the pace for others to follow and ladies falling on top of each other just to have a piece of it! Love it! Love it! Love it!

What’s been your best work ever? 
That’ll be the first waistcoat I made with a hand needle in 2007.

What are the difficulties involved? 
The fashion business is very challenging, anyone with me in it knws exactly what I mean because we face similar challenges. I rip dresses in anger, I kick my sewing machine and hurt my own foot, LOL.  Nothing beats the reaction of a dissatisfied customer, *laughing* yes, it can be pretty frustrating sometimes.

If you weren't doing this, what would you have been doing? 
Peacekeeping! Lol

Have you ever felt like giving up on Mull Apparel? 
Not at all.

Who or what inspires you? 
A lot of African designers out there, fashion magazines, I love the history of fashion itself! Paris, London, Milan, New York, Tokyo! I'm inspired even by the sound of them.

Considering the level of success you have attained, youths out there would be itching to know how old you are.
I'm 24yrs and 11 months :D

Asides work, what do you do for fun?
Work is fun, the fashion house is my dollhouse and I hang out with loved ones for fun too.

Advice to youths that wish to follow in your footsteps.
Start now. And invite God 1st into whatever u do, adopt the fruits of the spirit especially that of long suffering you’ll be needing it the most! *Just kidding * you’ll be needing them equally.

Where do you see yourself and Mull Apparel five years from now?
In every nook n cranny of cities with bright lights.

As always let the pictures speak for themselves!!

Mercy can be contacted via:


Ada Denco said...


leo said...

Mercy et fantastique... Shy girl now doin big thinz, nicee

funmi said...

Awwww mercy!

Jasper...April said...

Wow.... Loving this dearie... I'm solidly behind u. Proud of u dear

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, I love love the red and black one and then the pink and aquamarine. Keep up the good work

Joy said...

Wow.. So proud of you Mercy. I'm totally in love with the pink dress with black lace. It's heavenly!!! Keep the fire burning sis.

Ojonye said...

So coooool..... :-)

Anonymous said...

Great job

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