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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Abj for JJCs: Bwari Dam

Are you an Abuja JJCs,  are looking for a place to chill with friends,family, or your sweetheart?  Or are you just looking for an adventure.

Then  Bwari dam is d place to be! Yes! Bwari dam.
This is one of the most under-utilised places in Abuja, as a recreational centre because many people do not know about it. You all don't know what you have been missing, say the words Bwari dam to any student or ex-student of The Nigerian Law School Bwari and watch them break into a grin.

The sight is amazing, with water mass about 500m deep. Dont try to take a swim in this beautiful body of water, of course if you intend to pay a visit to the pearly gate feel free, its been aptly named the gateway to heaven, lol. My favorite has to be the rock..its a wonder how the road to the rock looks so near and short, but a stroll to the rock is about 30minutes! The feeling of greatness and fulfilment when I get to the top of is second to none. 
What's more, it has a waterfall. 

If you want a place that's serene,surrounded by nature and cool, do yourself (and you loved ones and friends, enemies too, lol)  a favour, go to Bwari dam. Finding your way to Bwari is not that difficult, it is off the road to Kubuwa, it is a straight road from there. And if you get missing it becomes an adventure, who knows you might discover our next Abj for JJCs spot (lol). Dont forget to send in your pictures and articles.


Abj loving, Abuja living Contributor, Adesuwa


oh wow


looks like the sky and  the water are joined


love and nature

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