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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Abj loving, Abuja living

Hey all, so we were thinking about what we want the blog to have and we came up with a few sections that we think are important. The point of the blog is to have everything Abuja in one place, so here are the few section that we hope portrays everything Abuja.

Get your Calenders Out
This section basically gives information about all the events happening in Abuja for the week. It keeps Abujans informed about all the happening spots.

The Week in a Flash
In this section we try to give you a summary of all that happened during the week, all gist on Abuja can be found here. Be it political, social or entertainment, we have the gist here for you.

Young and In Charge
 This has to be my favourite section of the blog. Every Monday we would bring you the stories of young Abujans who are striving to make their marks. This sections seeks to encourage young Abujans who are making an attempt to leave their marks in the sands of time.

Abuja for JJCs
Are you new to Abuja? Are you an Abujan who is out touch with your Abuja side? No need to panic, Abuja for JJCs was tailor made for you. In this section we would tell you where to stay when you are visiting, where to hang out with friends, where to eat, where to pray, we would discover Abuja together.

Better Nigeria
The youth are the greatest voice of change. In this section we explore reason why we need change  in  Nigeria and we proffer different solutions for the change we seek for Nigeria.

In this section we would have pictures of our lovely city and of all events taking place within Her.

As usual, we are open to your suggestions, your articles pictures, contributions and comments are welcome.

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