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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Better Nigeria: Until We Want Change

By Iphie Manuelz
Until we want change, things would only get worse.
Until we want change, our leaders would continue to get away with their corrupt ways.
Until we want change our children would continue to die in avoidable situations.
Until we want change our situation would not get better.

I saw picture of four young men that were taken out jungle justice style. What was their offence? They allegedly stole laptops and phones, allegedly being the key word. How do you tell a mother that her only son was beaten and then burnt to death because he allegedly stole a phone and a laptop? No arrests, no trial, no judgement? Just death because some villagers decided to be judge and jury over his alleged act of robbery.

And then I saw the video!!!
Dear Lord, nobody deserves to die that way, I cried for at least thirty minutes after that. I continued to shake uncontrollably after that. Sleep wasn't my friend for two nights in a row. How could I sleep, their faces kept showing up the moment i closed my eyes.

How do we expect things to change when our mentality lays buried in the Victorian era? If Nigerian is to change and move forward, we must bring our mentality into the 21st century. We must be willing to change as much as we expect from the next person. Change wouldn't  magically happen in our lives.

Until we are willing to change, things would only stay the same.
Until we are willing to change, mothers would continue to cry for sons lost to jungle justice.
Until we are willing to change, we would be stuck in the past.
Until we are willing to change.

Goodnight Ugonna, Llyod, Tekena and Chidiaka, Rest with the Lord.

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