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Monday, October 15, 2012

Abj for JJCs: Indomie spot

By Ehinome

Since Indomie made its debut in Nigeria, there has been no looking back. It has wormed its way into the hearts of millions of Nigerians, especially children.
Okay! Yeayea! We all know about almost too sure we all do not know where to get the best cooked indomie in town! 
Imagine indomie with all the talking about indomie with greenpeas,carrots, all the veggies you want. And Then. Imagine it flunked with chicken, corned-beef  sauteed meat, prawns, and even kpomo. Yes! I feel your brows raising. Am for real here. A trip to the indomie stand at Maitama Park,  would leave you with no doubt.
How do you like you Indomie? With hot dogs? Salami? Chicken? Fish? Spicy? Hot? How? Able cooks are waiting to do as you wish.
This isn't just for Abj JJcs, its for you reading, who hasn't discovered this 8th wonder as well! Just a visit would be the getaway from the boring way you have always known Indomie to be.

And as always if you have discovered 'an Abuja treasure' that you think is worthy of being share with the rest of us, please feel free to send in your articles and pictures.


mrkelevra said...

Arrr Shit !! Think I Just Had an Orgasm Readn all the Prawns and Veggies and Hot Dogs and Chicken out Loud. Hw iz it I dnt know about dis place ?

Anonymous said...

Kelevra!!! Orgasm ke? Hope ur not a guy o?? Well now u know abt d place.

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