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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Art Imitating Life: EvErYdAy

By Ehinome

He wakes up. He aches all over, the mattress is too lean, the mosquitoes needed to feed all night and he was a worthy sacrifice.
Its 5am.
He takes time to pray, we all need GOD.
He takes his bath, boils the last two packs of indomie and leaves the house. As he descended d steps, his shoed feet hit water...
 "Ha! How could I forget that it rained?"
Quietly he bends down, tucks his folder under his arm, he folds his trousers, takes of his shoes and then carefully wades through the small stream... It had rained last night. The Councillor had been promising to make drainages and to ensure the ones available were cleaned out, but that was two years ago. So they had to live with pools every time it rained.
He stood at the bustop for about 10 minutes, a bus came, "200Naira!” his eyes bulged, from 100Naira?
"Why 200Naira?" he asked the conductor.
 "You no know say fuel no dey? Na so we wake no see fuel... You go enter or make we go?" The conductor drawled.
He had an interview to meet up with at 8am; it was 6.30am, so he got in.
He got down from the bus at 7.30am, all dusty. He spent an hour to his destination. The road was a total mess; construction has been going on for three years now, so the result was brown dust, even on his eyelids. He steps aside, dusts himself and begins the trek to the venue for the interview. After all, he spent 200Naira to get here; the extra 100Naira should have taken him to the venue of the interview.
He got there, hungry and tired. He needs a job, his rent is expiring soon and he is tired of hanging on his parents. It’s been two years since he graduated.
As he approached the gate, there was a gathering.
"Na wa o! How dem go just postpone this interview na?" One girl shrilled “I came from Port Harcourt and now this!"
He just stopped at his tracks, looked down at himself and slumps his shoulders. There wasn't going to be any interview, they had chosen those they needed. The so called god fathers had chosen. This had happened to him a couple of times, and they said it was postponed, with no future date.
He sits on a broken fence nearby, and brought out his phone. Maybe he could ping, and recover from the news.
He saw 'edge' at the right corner of the screen. BIS had expired. He mindlessly went on to call his friend...
"Omo, the interview no hold oh"
After all in about eight years, telecommunications was all Nigeria had successfully achieved, even though, it still wasn’t affordable by all and subscribers have to put up with epileptic services.
"Na so Naija don dey oo!"
He continued telling his friend and as he said so... His credit finished...


Anonymous said...

Niceee..write one about a 'she'..I bet it wud be fun. Lollll.. Leo

Anonymous said...

I smell beef 4 'she's'

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