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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Better Nigeria: Why I want a better Nigeria

By Iphie Manuelz

I think my friends are getting tired of hearing me whine about a better Nigeria. LOL. Any time i say anything related to Nigeria becoming great again, they go, 'you have come again, madam better Nigeria'.
Well it was during one of my numerous lectures on how we can make Nigeria great again that i realized 'why I wanted a better Nigeria'.

Why do I want a better Nigeria? For my kids. Sounds strange right. All my life, most of the adult part that is, I have lived my life considering how my actions today would affect the lives of my children in the future. Its funny when I say this to others, they all seem to laugh at me for thinking of children that I am yet to have. And I don't blame them, heck I don't even have a boyfriend so where would the babies come from.
But seriously, I honestly believe that my actions of today in turn has an effect in my future, my children are a big part of my future so why would I want to do something that would jeopardize their futures? I strongly believe that the way my parents lived out their youth had an impact on the almost perfect life I have today. My parents are not the richest folks in Nigeria, but a lot of doors have been opened to me and my siblings not because they gave bribes on our behalf, but because when they had the opportunity, they impacted positively in the lives of those they met. It might have been as little as just listening to the problems of some stranger that stumbled into their offices, or just simply explaining to an applicant why he didn't get his dream job. I know I am digressing, but I am just trying to show how the actions of parent have an impact in the lives of their children.

So, why do I want a better Nigeria? I want it for my kids. I want to raise my kids in a Nigeria where, 'up Nepa' is just a part of the story mummy used to tell them. I want to raise my kids in a Nigeria where we can take road trips when we want to, not caring the time of the day or the part of the country we are headed for. I want to raise my kids in a Nigeria where I don't have to send my children abroad for a sound education. I have lived abroad for the past 7months for my masters and I have hated every minute of it. I want my children to have the choice of schooling at home or abroad, and upon graduation having the opportunity to compete for the best jobs in the world. I want to raise my kids in a Nigeria where strikes and corruption are a thing of the past. I want to raise my kids in a Nigeria where I know they are getting the same health care as any other kid in the UK or the US. I want to raise my kids in a Nigeria where they can be best friends with Hadiza, Oiza, Segun and Uwa. I want to raise my kids in a Nigeria where they would get nothing but the best.

My kids cannot get the best if I don't work for it today. It is not by getting the best job and making all the money in the world. It is not by putting in all those hours in the office just so I can make enough money to give my children whatever they want. I want to give my children the best of everything and the only way I can give them the  best is if I start working on a better Nigeria today. I want my children to have the best so I am going to play my part to ensure Nigeria is great again. Nigeria may never be great in my life time, but I would do my best to ensure my children and grand children grow up in a great country.


Obinna Okonkwo said...

True, its a bit naive, but not improbable. The main problem we have in this country of ours is that its citizens are ALWAYS waiting to see what the country can do for them, instead of doing something for the country. 'Who will bell the cat' as they say. I believe that if we work hard and stand for what is right, it will impact positively on our future. But alas, it is only my opinion. :)

Iphie Manuelz said...

its time for us start fighting for what we believe in, what we want.

temiiez said...

Woooow....dats deep, made mii actually think but to make naija a betta country we all nid to be betta ourselves Which is a long journey for sumpple,hopefully we get dere sooner dan later And we nid to stop copying stupid things frm some countries, we wus a country filled wiv morals but nwadays weve thrown da morals away to adopt some stupid things jst cos we wanna be posh,jst cos We dnt wanna be called freshy!! If we abide by da morals our parent had b4 truss mii naija is going to be golden (dnt get mii wrong we nid technologies and stuff but we nid to start picking and choosing wah we fink its rite nd not choosing some stupid things jst cos in abroad people do it)
**Am all for naija movin 4ward in a positive way**

Anonymous said...

I believe Naija wud be restored bak 2 its glory..let's all work 2geda. Adesuwa

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