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Monday, October 15, 2012

Young and In Charge: Jones Odagwe

In a world where almost everybody with a cell phone owns a camera phone, photographers have been slowly but steadily replaced by amateur photographers with a camera phone and a pose, it takes a lot of guts and talents to take up photography as a career. Meet Jones Odagwe, an Economist and photographer extraordinaire. His passion for what he does promises to take this young man places, he has already been nominated for an award we know he would bring home next year.

Tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Jones Odagwe, I'm from Delta state in Nigeria and I'm a professional photographer.

What was growing up like?
Growing up in a place like Sapele in Delta state isn't as easy as most people think, it comes with lots of challenges on your personality and mindset but I thank God and my wonderful parents(Engr and Mrs Odagwe) that never gave up on me. Now I can say it was fun…lol

Tell us a little about your educational background?
I attended NEPA Staff  Junior School now PHCN(Power Holding Company of Nigeria) Staff School and International High School both in Sapele Delta State and then University of Abuja where I graduated with a Bsc in Economics.

So what is Jones Graphe all about? What does it mean?
Jones Graphe is all about photography and Artistry Business in general. On ground we cover events and on the internet we are working on the biggest photography and art presence ever seen in Africa. Jones Graphe will be launching a new product on the internet before the end of 2012. We are going to be showcasing excellence and showcasing Africa. (Watch this space for more info on that)

Jones is my name like you know already. Graphe is a Greek word meaning ‘Representation by means of lines’ or drawing’.

How did you get into it?
All thanks to my dad who gave me a camera on my birthday while in junior school as a kid and since then the passion has been there. When I was at the University I began taking photography classes outside school and studied under a professional photographer Mr Afilaka Olaniran Abidemi.

What is your typical day like?
Like right now I have a meeting after this interview and then a model shoot by evening, so my typical day is always so busy.

What do you love most about you what you do?
Meeting new people excites me, working in a new and challenging locations motivates me and then Editing brings out the creativity in me, not forgetting my canon camera…lol I love my job

What’s been your best work ever?
A wedding between two excited young couple “Thom and Frances” and also a meeting at Transcorp Hilton Nigeria on oil and gas earlier in the year.

What are the difficulties involved?
Lots of unskilled photographers giving the skilled photographers a bad image.

If you weren't doing this, what would you have been doing?
I never really thought of that part but probably I would be working in a bank.

Have you ever felt like giving up on Jones Graphe?
No, I have never felt like giving up, because I love what I do.

Who or what inspires you?
 God and the right folks around me.

Considering the level of success you have attained, youths out there would be itching to know how old you are.
Lol… I'm in my twenties.

Asides work, what do you do for fun?
I study a lot, I write, go swimming, ride my bicycle, hang out with very close friends and travel to new and exiting places.

Advice to youths that wish to follow in your footsteps.
My advice to the youths out there, is to always put God first in anything they do, think positively and be creative. They should love whatever they do and be passionate about it. Lastly, they should always have the right folks around them.

Jones was nominated in August 2012 at the Music Save Me Awards for the most Outstanding Performance in Photography (who says hard work doesn't pay?)
Pictures speak a thousand words, I would let them speak to you about this talented young man.

One with nature

Beautiful Beginnings

Deep thoughts


You can reach Jones by:
BB pin- 298FB083
Mobile- +2348063161223, +2348184917370, +234805586085

I hope you all had a lovely time getting to know Jones like I did.


Anonymous said...

Gifted and focused young man. Driven by his passion. Photography is something people no longer appreciate and I hope through beautiful pieces like these ones, people fall back in love with photography.

mrkelevra said...

Lovely Article !!!

mrkelevra said...

Lovely Article !!!

Dayji said...

Nice one jones...God will see u through.lovely pixs.

Anonymous said...

A talented young man with goals dats heading sumwia

Anonymous said...

Nice collections Ʋ got here dear.More knowledge nd inspiration..

Anonymous said...

Nice young man! Am proud of him

PrinceAfro said...

Wow Dis Awesome Mehn U'v Got Gifted Hands!!! Ur Just Too Talented 2 Be In Nigeria.. Nice Job Mr. Jones. Am Proud Of U Bro!!! Kip It Up..

Mr crystals said...

Keep it up bro, u r doing great... I luv ur portfolio n ur passion.

Ayodeji Ojo said...

Ify dis is awesome,jst kip up d good work cos it will always speak for u.I'm proud of u man.

Iphie Manuelz said...

Thank you,

Jide said...

Mr Jones, behind you is infinite power & before you is endless possibilities. - Big fan -

Anonymous said...

Meetin Jones in 2005,I cld literally c dat he is one gifted person wit an awesome tomrw,speakin wit him testifed to d allure of greatness around him,am happy he recognises his source as God...I pray u more higher grounds n God's divine watchfu eyez n protection thru ur path of success...

jones said...

Thank you very so touched and wish there was a name to your comment...God bless you.

Miz Gorgeous said...

So swit jones I wish yu d best in life...I am so proud of yu

jones odagwe said...

My bro thanks

jones odagwe said...

Thank you very much.

jones odagwe said...

My brother thanks oooo. You are too much.

Inah said...

Aside this great professionalism, he has a great personality... Nice on Boss

Inah said...

Aside this great professionalism, he has a great personality... Nice one Boss

jones odagwe said...

Am humbled. Thanks brother

Inah said...

Thanks Boss

Anonymous said...

Going through thise page took my mind back to that night you were busy taking pictures of us at the party we held at lions guest house back in 2009(ROCKAS).Hmmm......I so can relate everything right now. You were doing your thing that night afterall. Bro! Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard what this passion of us will make of you.Just Keep doing it right and keep succeeding. Great work man(DAVID)

nicole abah said...

You're welcome :)

Anonymous said...

Nice history bro :)

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