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Monday, October 1, 2012

Get your calenders out 01 Sept-07 Oct 2012

Hey all welcome to the week's get your calenders out. In this section we would try to keep you informed on all that is going on for the week, so get your calenders out Abujans (we still need a cool name to call ourselves).

First let me start by saying, a Happy Independence to Nigerians everywhere. The progress might be slow but we would surely get there.

So its the independence day in Abuja and as usual we have a public holiday, take this time to spend some quality time with your family but also take out some time to think of what you can do for Nigeria. So do you know of any independence day parties or activities, please feel free to let us know about it.

Get your calenders out people, its the DMP (designer's market place) on the 6th of October, Yayyyyy. The DMP has become a permanent fixture in the social calender of Abujans, a fixture that has come to stay and a fixture that we are happy about. Get you wallets out people and shop till you drop. Get you cameras out and snap away and dont forget to send us your pictures.

Dont forget to keep coming back to your favourite Abuja blog, for Abujans by Abujans, we would keep uploading events as they get to our attention.

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