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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Better Nigeria: Me For Change

I had a dream last night, I slept and I never woke up. I said a prayer the moment I woke up and called my Mom and we prayed together. I attended the midday mass, we weren't even up to twenty (lol). That dream scared me.

I had a thought this morning, while the sweetness of a hot shower warmed my body on a cold September day. 'God would not let me die before I achieve what I was put on this earth for' and another thought popped into my head 'well no one lives forever, you have to start working towards what you were put on this earth for Iphie'. And with those thoughts the idea to start ME FOR CHANGE was born.

I had being toying with the idea of starting something that would be the center for the change I envision for Nigeria. I toyed with the names Me for change and change by me, Me for change sounded a lot cooler to me, hehehe. I kept pushing back the need to start a movement for change, I kept saying to myself, 'I would start it in December when I go home, I would start small, with my village being the first point of call'.

The dream I had last night was the wake up call I needed, I don't have forever to bring about the change I want to see in Nigeria, but I can start now and start bringing about change, no matter how little. I can bring about the change I want, doesn't matter that I am not in Nigeria at the moment. The most important thing is that I want a change that would shake Nigeria by her roots, I am not the only one that wants such change for Nigeria. I cannot not bring about such change alone and even if I wanted to I don't even know how.

I can keep dreaming about change or I can go out and work for it. The change I seek starts from me, ME FOR CHANGE (M4C). You can keep dreaming of a better Nigeria or you can work for it. Join me and we can change Nigeria one person at a time.
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