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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Art Imitating Life: EvErYdAy


Maria was coming. Something to look forward to...if money won't come, a good woman was enough to make you forget... but only for a while.
He had taken some time to stroll around town, before coming home. He had bought #100 credit, and he called Maria. Maria liked books. He had seen a mallam selling used books, so he made a good bargain and got two novels for Maria.
Maria finally arrived, they hugged and kissed, they were happy to see each other.

"So how did the interview go?" She wanted to know.

 "It never held" He said.

 She sighed deeply, "it would be fine..ok?", he shrugged, looking for a worthy distraction.

 "Oh yea, I got you these books" he smiled wide showing off his fine teeth.

 She took them "thank you", they looked old,

'Jaded and 'Firesong', both dated back to the year 2000. She sighed, her mind wandered to yesterday, Lolade's boyfriend had taken them to the cinema, and they came back laden with enough goodies. Kay's boyfriend practically catered for her welfare and family... they would be married soon. She would get 'Jaded' and 'Firesong' to sleep tonight.

He studied her as she looked at the books, lost in thought. He should let her go... she was clearly unsatisfied.


The ground under them shook. They reached for each other.

"Another bomb??" She squealed... they clung to each other.

 Soon, they heard shouts and wails.

 "Wait coming", he said softly.

 He ran out to get first-hand gist.

"These people don come again o!" A boy ran shouting.

 He shouted back "where them bomb?".

"Na wetin I dey go find out" the boy screamed.

He ran after the boy and the slowed down... he stopped, his shoulders dropped. He was not ready to count many would he count. He turned around and jogged home.
Maria was still there, curled up and shaking on the bed.

"Another bomb" she stated the obvious.

"Yes" he reached to the side of the bed. He has #1000 left.

"Here is #200... you need to go home now." He handed it to her.

She didn't know what shocked her more. The bomb or the 200 naira. For Pete's sakes she spent #500 coming down here alone!!!
She took it and muttered a goodbye and left.
He sighed and flopped on his bed. He stared at the #800 left. He thought hard. Soon his head began to ache. He had to go searching for a job, there was no food in the house, he didn't even have credit to reach out to people, or BIS to search for jobs on-line.
He laid down and soon drifted away. Three hours later he woke up... it was dark... He reached over to switch on the light. PHCN was at it again.

"Mtchew" he hissed.

 He felt around for his rechargeable lamp... it lit dimly.

He switched on the radio, "the president has condemned the bombing of..."

He didn't wait to hear "and condemnation is where it stops.." He growled and flung the radio against the wall...

The shattering sound of the radio and its pieces falling to hard ground permeated the house. Another radio would have to be bought, he mentally added it to his growing list of things he lacked..
He stared at the shattered radio..that's how he felt.... SHATTERED

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Anonymous said...

Exactly wat naija has become! There is still hope 4 our beloved country!

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