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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Better Nigeria: Aluu 4

By Ehinome

I thought I was going to have so much to say about the incident...but the truth is words would never be enough to express the pain and outrage I feel.
As an person, am besides myself with fear, that a little blow and life could be gone!
As a youth, I have come to the shocking realization that my country doesn't care about my dreams and aspirations.
As a child, I watched the death of another not better off.
As a Nigerian, I feel betrayed.
As a youth, all I ask my self is, which way? What hope? What future is there for us the "so-called" future leaders?
Its like everyone is a government of himself in this country. You struggle to stay off the streets, to give yourself the best of life. You struggle to leave d shackles of a landlord, then you build your house. You provide water for yourself,light for yourself,security for yourself,you hustle for goes on and on! And u just freaking realise, it just you..the government isn't aiding your dreams in anyway, its rather crippling it.
Okay, sorry for digressing, I was on the Aluu 4.
You know, I imagined a whole lot of things that would have been running through their minds as they were stripped, As their spines were broken, as their they had their brains exposed, as they felt the burning they took their last breathe...One thing is for sure they neva imagined they would see their creator that day, through the most gruelsome way.
I imagined, how they must have gotten up that morning, made plans for the day. How they must met up with each other and the last things they said to each other..
I imagined the plans they made for their future, their tall dreams,their aspirations..its all so heart wrenching..just thinking of it. 
The death of these young men is a wake up call to many things!
That an innocent person could be mistaken for a thief and be killed!
That no one is taking responsibility for what happens to lives and property..No one is even pretending to care!
That something of this magnitude could happen to a Nigerian and its leaders won't be perturbed! Because till now, there hasn't been a strong statement from the government.
That it is all man for himself! 
Toku,Tekena,Chidiaka and Ugonna...I never knew you, too bad I got to know you this way. Rest in the bosom of the LORD. I believe 1 day Nigeria would be redeemed, and I would always remember your gruesome death..which is still etched in my brain.
This is for the youths of Nigeria, we are not lazy, we are not dumb, we are the best around, we won't stop shining and not even the evils of these times would stop us.

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